Brian Derek

BJ was born January 9th, 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri. BJ was a victim of gun violence and passed at the
age of 12 on April 14th, 2021.

The SOUL purpose our foundation was created is to raise awareness, bring about change and provide assistance to families and communities affected by gun violence.



Permission Granted

“I had to give myself permission, permission to be: Angry, Sad, Broken, Unsure and most of all Happy, Happy to still be a parent.”

I kept looking for my neighbor who is a pastor to tell me what I was doing was ok, looking for my sister to say that’s exactly what you should be doing, looking for my mom to say ummmm that’s good and Looking for my husband to say yes honey I’m so proud of you, that’s good! But when they all had said all of those things, I was still lost, still very confused about where I was and where I was headed, so I knew their approval was not enough. I had to search and dig deep!

On a flight to Miami for my husband 40th birthday I stared into the clouds the entire 2 1/2 hours and a little voice said, “I have to give myself permission to feel things other than sadness and grief.” It wasn’t until then I knew what I had to do. “The moment I step off of the plane I will give myself permission, permission to live in the moment!”
I love you BJ! I hear you saying Moma just go, stop worrying and crying I’m ok and I love you too!

I’m crying but I’m going!”


Our tomorrow starts with you today!!

Project 9:14 is designed to reform the juvenile probation standards to ensure the proper handling of each individual placed on probation!

Our Purpose

We are committed to:


Supporting Political Parties That Actively Advocate For Gun Law Reform

Stopping Gun

Bridging The Gap Between The Court And Probation